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Jonathon describes his awakening as "standing at the edge of a cliff and deciding to fall off."

What I Do

The word Facilitator means someone who makes an action or process easier, which is what we will do for you. Spiritual Awakenings can be the most chaotic, stressful, beautiful, amazing and magikal times of our lives.During that time, what we wished for was someone we could ask all of our questions, someone to cheer us on, someone there just to listen and understand how huge this was for each of us in our personal journeys and that our entire worlds were remaking themselves, someone who could reassure us that what was happening was nothing that we could not handle and explain what it was and help us to figure out what to do next. What we needed, frankly, was everything.Johnathon and Angie are a Team who can help meet those needs. We're excited that you are Awakening, and it's in our nature to cheer you on and to hold your hand when things get hairy. We will work with you to determine what your individual goals are. We may not have the immediate answer to every question you can think of, but we will find those answers with you and help you learn and grow. We will hold your hand (metaphorically and literally if needed) when you need to not be alone in this.We use multiple methods to help you meet your goals, including intuitive coaching, visualization, meditation, pendulums, oracle reading, automatic writing and any other tool that comes to mind or hand.Awakenings don't have to be so hard. We can help make it easier.
We look forward to cheering you on.

Jonathan is a certified life coache through IAP Career College
as well as ordained through Universal Life Church

Payments are due at the time of service

Have Questions?

Contact me via e-mail or set up an appointment with me through the Quirky Lotus Wellness Center.